Unlock the secret to great home styling with a World of Style design tour

Find out everything you need to know about World of Style with our insightful design tours and see how the magic of design is brought to life.

Described as a playground for those that love interior design, be guided through the 2,000sqm showroom as we explain what's on show, what to expect at your World of Style appointment (if you're building with Porter Davis), what's trending, as well as intriguing tales on the building's heritage and current design.

A great place to start for the first time visitor and those building with Porter Davis yet to do their World of Style appointment.

Booking your tour

Group Tours

Our 40 minute group tour is the perfect introduction to World of Style if you're a first time visitor or you're building with Porter Davis and yet to do your World of Style appointment.

  • Monday & Thursday - 10am & 2pm
  • Tuesday & Friday - 10am
  • Saturday - 2pm
  • Sunday - 10am & 2pm

Personalised Tours

Our 60 minute personalised tours are specially for those looking to build with Porter Davis, but would like to understand more about their style and colour inclusions.

  • Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays at 11am & 2pm